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Strawberry Cake

The definitive taste of summer. This one is almost criminally good – and how could it not be? With plump, juicy strawberries fresh from the farmer’s market pureed into the cake and its enchantingly sweet frosting. Those ripe red beauties make this cake the one you’ll come back for again and again – while the season lasts!  $35.


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Red Velvet

For a lot of grown-ups around here, this was a favorite birthday cake as a child.  For a lot of grown-ups around here, it still is.  With cream cheese icing. $30

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Doberge Cake

A New Orleans classic. Seven layers of buttery, rich cake, filled with satiny smooth chocolate custard, and finished with two distinct layers of chocolate icing. Our version is faithful to the original developed by Beulah Ledner, who sold her legendary recipe to the Gambino family in the 1940s. $60

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Buttermilk Cake with Old-Fashioned Fudge Icing

When done right, sometimes the simplest things are also the best. There’s nothing fancy about this cake, so all the vibrant flavors of the very best ingredients – butter, sugar, flour, eggs, and vanilla – can shine through in this deceptively unassuming cake. And did we mention the chocolate fudge icing? It’s the real deal. $30.

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Burnt Sugar Cake

For serious caramel-lovers. Both the cake and its icing are based on a homemade syrup of caramelized sugar that brings out a surprising amount of depth and complexity to an ordinarily straightforward flavor. The result? A cake that’s as light as it is rich, frosting that’s as creamy as it is intense, and a dessert experience as rooted in tradition as it is just right for today. $35.

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Coconut Cake

Another Southern Classic. Snow-white drifts of mile-high white frosting cover this tender and flavorful cake, made with fresh coconut milk. We dare you to get this one to the table without indulging in a taste of the freshly-grated coconut flakes that add the finishing touch to the already-ambrosial frosting. The Rolls-Royce of cakes, this one will transform the most ordinary dinner into an occasion of elegance. $40.

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Lane Cake

A Southern Classic since the 1800s. And with three layers of rich, smooth vanilla cake surrounded by a decadent filling of coconut, raisins, and pecans, how could it not be? The healthy splash of bourbon that rounds out the robust flavor of this cake makes this one for adults only.  $60.

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