Coconut Cake

Another Southern Classic. Snow-white drifts of mile-high white frosting cover this tender and flavorful cake, made with fresh coconut milk. We dare you to get this one to the table without indulging in a taste of the freshly-grated coconut flakes that add the finishing touch to the already-ambrosial frosting. The Rolls-Royce of cakes, this one will transform the most ordinary dinner into an occasion of elegance. $40.


Lane Cake

A Southern Classic since the 1800s. And with three layers of rich, smooth vanilla cake surrounded by a decadent filling of coconut, raisins, and pecans, how could it not be? The healthy splash of bourbon that rounds out the robust flavor of this cake makes this one for adults only.  $60.

Caramel Cake

A velvet, buttery cake, drenched in real homemade caramel. . . this oh-so-enticing combination is perfect for any occasion. The thick caramel layer sets off the satiny-soft cake in a match made in culinary heaven. You’ve got to taste this one to believe it. $40.

An ultra-moist cake with a perfect sized crumb. Heavier than your typical butter cake, but light enough to melt in your mouth, this delectably lemon-infused cake is just the thing for afternoon tea parties, Sunday picnics, or any other time you want the taste of summer with all its sweet and tangy goodness. Made with Meyer lemons when they’re in season, juicy organic Eurekas when they’re not. $30.

Two layers of chocolate so dark, so rich, so sinfully succulent, Old Scratch himself couldn’t turn it down. Perfectly balanced with billows of fluffy, light, seven-minute icing. This is one temptation you’ll be glad you didn’t resist. $30.